Advancing science, not spin

Metabolic Solutions is a collaboration between a group of Bio-Medical, Bio-Chemical and Nutrition Engineering pioneers who are leaders in the fields of biological optimization and macro and micro nutrition technologies. From its inception, this team of advanced engineering pioneers set out a vision for translating their expertise into new insights and approaches to the development of nutritional supplementation technologies.

Available Early 2019:


A breakthrough in neuro-cognitive support

Neurostim is a scientifically formulated neurological tissue, bioenergetic and cognition compound that provides a synergistic blend of powerful nootropics, nutraceuticals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory modulators and ketones that provide the brain with protection against negative bioenergetics and tissue degradation. Alpha GPC helps maximize acetylcholine levels while other ingredients assist in elevating dopamine and GABA levels, crucial compo­nents to remaining calm, focused and mentally driven. Vinpocetine assists in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain via increased blood flow, and the combination of neuro-specific antioxidants, including HPL’s proprietary Poly-BHB, helps to clear away mental fog and reduce free radical burden. Phosphatidylser­ine (PS), is a well-known cognitive enhancer that is widely used to improve both focus and memory. Neurostim’s synergistic combination of proven nootropics and cognition enhancement technology enhances mental drive, focus, memory, and mental acuity.

Available 2018:


The Future of Food Manufacturing

Refrigeration, Pasteurization, Canning, the Oven and now, Clean Manufacturing Technology (C.M.T.). In partnership with Disruptive Technologies, Metabolic Solutions has developed the advanced ingredient technologies for use with the next major leap in portable food manufacturing. Utilizing a patented food agglomeration technology, C.M.T. is able to deliver extremely efficient, high nutrient density food products in a virtually endless variety of form factors. The inherent nature of energy fusion manufacturing allows the efficient use of strategic substrate layering to create precisely formulated nutritional profiles. Due to the inherent nature of the technologies employed, we are able to exclude components that are used in traditional manufacturing processes.

Available 2019:



Increased energy, better cognition, a reduction in fat, reduced inflammation and a healthier, better-performing heart,   MetaTropic represents a quantum leap in human health nutrition. Developed exclusively by Metabolic Solutions and utilizing a proprietary formulation process…

Available 2019:



Deuterium. This may be the first you’ve heard of this substance. What is it and why is it in the water we drink and the foods we eat? Deuterium is an “isotope”.  Everything is made up of atoms. These are tiny things, which join together to form molecules which make up every physical object in the world. Now, every one of these atoms is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Isotopes are atoms of the same element (water is an element) but different numbers of neutrons, causing them to have a different atomic weight. Deuterium has an extra neutron that makes it “heavier” than the hydrogen part of our water. This makes it an “isotope” So how does this isotope hurt our bodies?