Energy Agglomeration Technology

Welcome to the future of food…

Engineered Strategic nutrition

This is the future of food…

Refrigeration, Pasteurization, Canning, the Oven and now, Energy Agglomeration Technology (E.A.T.).

Metabolic Solutions has developed the next major leap in portable food manufacturing. Utilizing a patented energetic, fusion agglomeration technology, E.A.T. is able to deliver extremely efficient, high nutrient density food products in a virtually endless variety of form factors.

The inherent nature of energy fusion manufacturing allows the efficient use of strategic substrate layering to create precisely formulated nutritional profiles. Due to the inherent nature of the technologies employed, we are able exclude components that are used in traditional manufacturing processes. This delivers a substantially higher nutrient to weight ratio than any other manufacturing technology. Additionally, the ability to exclude non-nutritive manufacturing ingredients allows the creation of extremely clean formulations that are void of unnecessary constituents.

Fusion Technology utilizes a very low power platform and is virtually maintenance free. The ability to configure the energy platform for amplitude, duration and frequency allows for the creation of products with a wide variety of textures and pliability. Manufactured products include: bars, cookies, wafers, chips, puffed products, and rapid dispersion solids. Traditional plating of liquids to solids to achieve a powdered product for manufacturing is also eliminated as the technology allows a virtually unlimited combination of liquids and solids to agglomerate under fusion. The elimination of traditional additives and manufacturing components associated with current portable food manufacturing cuts costs dramatically.








E.A.T. technology outperforms every bar on the market