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In collaboration with an expert team of partners and consultants who represent the cutting edge leading scientific and medical technologies in the vast diversified fields of biological design, chemical formulation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hybrid sales and marketing and automated distribution, Metabolic Solutions proliferation of technology in these as well as other fields is rede­fining and revolutionizing the nutraceutical industry.

Our management team is comprised of expert Research and Development and business exec­utives who bring considerable prior experience to bear on the challenges and opportunities associated with our ambitious plans. We have assembled a cohesive professional team and through the precision engineering and steadfast execution of our organization’s goals, we are well equipped to advance Metabolic Solutions to the next generation of strategic nutritional supplement technologies.

The Metabolic Solutions Board of Directors works diligently to ensure proper governance around a well-considered strategic course for the business and closely monitors our progress in line with those plans. Each member of the Board works as a steward to ensure our shareholders and other stakeholders are well served by company decisions and their interests are foremost in their minds and in line with company activities.

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Our people

Our business is nothing more than the sum of our relationships with people. Our employees are stakeholders in our success. At Metabolic Solutions, people, like our technology and innovations, are a source of competitive advantage. To make the most of this advantage, we make sure that our people work on developing our heritage of innovation. We foster motivation in our company by showing our people that their efforts are valued and that they are doing something worthwhile. Feeling part of a successful team is part of the engagement process and individuals who feel valued want to contribute to the success of the organization.

Our process

Our process is the glue that holds our assets together. Every process affects and effects every part of our business and while all are defined, none are set in stone. Recognizing that all processes are evolutionary in nature allows us to adapt and achieve results that would mire and paralyze other organizations. Our process allows us to be more competitive by quickly responding to advances in technology and changes in the marketplace. Our process enables growth by leveraging past successes as a blueprint for future opportunities. Finally, our process drives profitability by uncovering opportunities to improve quality and efficiency.

Our product

Our product is the lifeblood of our company. It is the culmination of all of our efforts from concept to research and from development to final production. Our product goal is to provide a novel, viable solution that brings actual value to our customers lives. Our product comes in many forms, from the sharing of research, the development of treatment modalities and invention of new diagnostic modalities to the offering of consumer nutrition technologies. Our product must at every instance provide an accurate, honest and effective benefit for our world. 

Interested in joining our team? If you have industry leading experience in any of our areas of research please contact us and we will be glad to review your application...